Portable, Powerful,

Shaped for Performance

30mm Motor, Maximum Airflow , Hair Dryer

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    The aim was to design a compact hair dyer suitable for mobile users. The design is constrained by using company standard parts, motors, stators, fans, switch, capacitor and resistors.

    Initial Sketches

    Concept 1 is based on a fin of a shark or dolphin. This handle shape gives idea 1 the aerodynamic look and feel.

    Concept 2 is designed with a fold down handle to allow compactness when travelling.

    Concept 3 stays traditional but experimenting with translucent materials & using a compact motor will  make the design compact and give it a unique look.

    Surface Modelling Process

    Initial curves are laid out before starting any surface modelling. Style, Boundary Blending, Projection, Trim & Fill surfaces were used to create the outer surfaces of the hair dryer as illustrated below:

    Adding the Details

     Once the main surfaces are created details are added before assembling all the components together

    The rear of the hair dryer is also modelled using the same methods to model the front of the hair dryer. Details are also added.

    The Assembly

    The assembly of the hair dryer below shows all the parts fitted within the body design


The tear drop shape provides maximum airflow

High RPM Motor

The high RPM motor provides a consistent flow of heat for quicker drying times

Comfortable Grip

Ergonomically designed for comfort


© 2009 - 2018  Darren Van Coller - Product Designer  |  3D Artist

© 2009 - 2018  Darren Van Coller