Compact, Stylish,

Maximum Protection

A User Friendly Card Reader

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    To design a hand held, ergonomic, economic & compact pin pad using surface modelling but taking into consideration the following design constraints:


    • Card reader: 55mm x 40mm x 5mm

    • LCD : 65mm x 45mm x 5mm

    • PCB : minimum dimensions 120mm x 60mm x 15mm

    • Rubber keypad – minimum of 12 Keys

    Initial Sketches

    • Hour Glass shape for easy grip

    • Top card injection

    • 12 Medium size keys

    • Dim 195mm  x 90mm x 60mm

    • Almost ball shape at base for comfortable grip

    • Protection Wings

    • Medium sized keys

    • Compact

    • Bottom card injection

    • Dim 182mm x 85mm x 60mm

    • Half like cylinder shape for easy grip

    • Medium Size keys

    • Compact

    • Protection Wings

    • Dim 185mm x 80mm x 60mm

    • Bottom Card Injection

    • Basic Shape design

    • Bottom card injection

    • Protection Wings Top and Sides

    • Large Keypad

    • Dim 174mm x 81mm x 25mm

    • Simple Functionality

    Surface Modelling and Design Process

    Initial curves and fixed components laid out before starting any surface modelling.

    Style, Boundary Blending, Projection, Trim & Fill surfaces were used to create the outer surfaces of the pin pad as illustrated below:

    Developments of the Ergonomic Surface

    This shape was the initial shape used from the concept sketch.

    Using the skeleton layer I was able to improve the shape slightly

    This was the final shape decided before more detail was added

    Adding the Details

    Ribs and other details are added by using extrude surfaces and thicken. These features will help to place the internal components

    Projection and boundary blend are used to create the wall feature of the protection wings

    The Final thickness’s and rounds are added to complete the wing feature

    Collision Detection Analysis

    The collision detection analysis is very important to ensure correct placement and assembly of components.

    The analysis showed that the LCD & Top Body were colliding with the Lens

    The collision was corrected by repositioning the components using the mate assembly feature and correcting the top body face curves


Large Keys allow you to enter your pin quickly. Front and side protection wings keep your pin safe from prying eyes

Aesthetically Designed

The pin pad has been designed to provide a comfortable grip and allow easy viewing of the LCD screen

Compact Layout Design

Design Layout of the components


1. Bottom Body, 2. Card Reader, 3. Key Pad, 4. LCD, 5. LCD Clamp

6. LCD PCB, 7. Lens, 8. Master PCB, 9. MPTSO101, 10. MPTSO103, 11. MPTSO105, 12. PCB Master, 13. Protective Cover, 14. Top Body


© 2009 - 2018  Darren Van Coller - Product Designer  |  3D Artist

© 2009 - 2018  Darren Van Coller